WIMAR 2017 Inclusion & Diversity Awards


The Finalists for the Individual category

The finalists have been selected by our distinguished judging panel, recognising their commitments and meaningful contribution to I&D. It was a thorough selection process, and they unequivocally agreed that the entire pool of nominees exhibited some fantastic I&D initiatives.


Young Catalyser Finalists: A young contributor who drives dialogue, actively raises awareness, organises and leads events/initiatives and exemplifies future leadership qualities in the workplace

Hazel Tan.png

Hazel Tan

Specialist, Strategy & Planning, BHP

Hazel started the Lean In Circle at BHP, which aims to provide a supportive environment for women to learn from each other’s experiences and encourage one another in the pursuit of our personal and professional goals. She facilitates the discussions at each session, and past topics include Power, Presence, Mental Wellness, and Dreaming Big. She is looking to extend the Lean In Circle concept to other regional offices, with the ultimate goal of having each regional office run their own Lean In Circle independently.


Emma Vincent

Ocean Freight Procurement Principal, BHP

As the vice-chair of BHP’s Asia Mental Wellness Working Group, Emma has played an instrumental role in engineering and pulling together a diverse and gender-balanced team that works to promote a culture of care and inclusion for all employees. In addition to utilising technology to improve processes and reduce her workload, she has proposed a flexible working arrangement that challenged the culture and norms of the team to champion work-life balance, sharing her own experiences, and encouraging others to consider the options available to improve their situations.

hani orangi.jpg

Hani Orangi 

Senior Manager Talent Development & Change, Asia Pacific. S&P Global Platts

Hani helps S&P to develop a diverse and strong local leadership in the region. Her “Action Learning Development Program” was the first of its kind, bringing together diverse mid-level leaders in critical roles in Asia from across corporate divisions into a unique integrated program which combined on-the–job learning, coaching and mentoring, with critical projects relevant for Asia.


Experienced Trendsetter Finalists: A senior leader who drives management level decisions, endorses innovative methods to raise I&D awareness, implements policy changes and exhibits inspirational standards

Rashpal Bhatti.jpg

rashpal Singh Bhatti

Vice President, Marketing Freight, BHP

Rashpal is a supportive leader who cares about the safety and well-being of his employees whether they are working mothers who need to work from home once a week or a fellow co-worker experiencing mental health issues. As a change agent in the shipping and freight market, he supports charity as well as mental wellness initiatives through silent auction, an innovative way of fund raising and raising awareness.


Rani Misra

APAC Regional Treasurer, Cargill

IRani chairs the Singapore Cargill Women’s network, the inaugural chapter of this network. Getting it off the ground was a significant challenge given the many different businesses Cargill has in Singapore and their varied priorities. She has been inspired by many ideas and practices from other organizations and continues to look for opportunities to make a meaningful difference by setting up support groups for new moms, partnering with HR to explore diversity recruitment and retention strategies or even offering the network to be used as a business resource group to help solution some of the challenges women are facing.



Gillian Moncur

Manager, Planning & Improvement, South32

Gillian has driven management level decisions to include a female percentage target to senior level positions in Marketing by 2018 via the D&I advisory panel recommendations, promoting flexible working arrangements and inclusive culture. As part of the initial working group on D&I, she has supported innovative ways for people to get to know each other, demystifying HR practices through a 'development week' program of lunch sessions, conducting interviews on people’s career journey to demonstrate that there are no rights or wrongs to approach a career.


The Finalists for the Group category

Dynamic Catalyzer (Group): A group or company that has 'most improved' in culture, leadership, HR policies and processes to support I&D

A) Rio Tinto IDN – Inclusion and Diversity Network

B) South 32 (Company)

C) South32 D&I Panel – Diversity & Inclusion Panel

D) BHP WPN SG– Women’s Professional Network Singapore


Established Trendsetter (Group): A group or company that has consistently delivered outstanding results in culture, leadership, HR policies and processes to support I&D

A) Anglo American – HR Function

B) Anglo American – CSR Group


D) BHP Technology

E) S&P Global Platts