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Igniting your Potential through a Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

  • Hotel Fort Canning 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881 Singapore (map)

Igniting Your Potential Through a Mind, Body and Spirit Connection 1-day programme explores what many highly successful people know but don’t often share with the masses.

This event will give you tools and techniques to create the extraordinaire in your life and career through a mind, body and spirit connection. Dr. Indigo uses the word spirit and spirituality in a general and not in a religious sense. For example, we hear, “In the spirit of giving” or “That’s the spirit”, etc. Spirit is the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. You’ll learn how to achieve more with balance when all three: mind, body and spirit are connected. How often do you engage in truthful self-reflection? It may be time to examine your life to discover whether you’re on the right path, in healthy relationships, passionate about your career, etc. Sometimes, we get into a pattern that keeps us going around in circles and not truly moving forward; in other words, recycling. Through visualization you can achieve results that will redirect your focus and get you off the hamster wheel. Winston Churchill stated, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.” This is true for people in general. We will try things over and over, even if they don’t work.

Let a team of wellness practitioners and career experts show you how to create change through your thinking and get more of what you want and need. Join us on 4th May for Igniting Your Purpose Through a Mind, Body and Spirit Connection – A Wellbeing Programme, in Singapore to learn how to get the results you desire and deserve.

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