Frequently asked questions

1.      What are the Awards this year?


Please also refer to the judging criteria to get more information on the criteria for each award.

2.      Must I / my company be registered under WIMAR to contest for the awards?

Yes, only WIMAR registered organisations and individuals are eligible to apply.

3.      What is the awards timeline?

2. What is the awards timeline?

4. How does the nomination process work?

There are two ways to be nominated for the awards. You can choose to nominate someone/team or you can directly apply for the awards.

  • If you want to nominate someone/team - please click this link. The person whom you nominated will receive an email that they have been nominated and they will be given a link to the application page of the awards. In the nomination form, the nominator will be required to submit a paragraph reasoning why they think the nominee deserves the award. The nominee will be able to see this paragraph in the email.

  • If you want to directly apply for the awards - please visit the application page of the awards.     

5.  I do not want to submit a video. Can I submit a form instead?

Yes we do accept both video submissions and forms. There will be instruction given on the submission process where the application forms can be found for download within the application page of the awards. Simply submit the form/ video once you are ready.    

6.      Is there an example of an application form filled up? I do not know how detailed to be.

Here are past year’s winning entries for Individual and Group category

7.      Judging Panel and Judging Criteria

Our judging panel has been curated to include experienced advocates of gender inclusion and diversity programs. The panelists are not from the mining and resources industry for the purpose of impartiality. Click here to see the judging criteria.

8.      For the group Category Awards can I take part in it with my team? Are the awards presented only to Companies?

Yes, you can take part in it with your team. Groups within companies, non-profit groups, councils and/or forums that actively champion gender diversity in the mining and resources sector are all welcomed. Teams that have displayed outstanding performance will stand an equal chance as companies that take part as a whole.

9.      What do Prize-Winners win?

Prize-Winners will be recognized and celebrated for their efforts by being awarded with the WIMAR trophy at the WIMAR Gala Dinner. They will also get a great opportunity to promote their passion of I&D to the rest of the industry. Winners who have submitted video entries may also see their videos published on our social media platforms.

 10.      I have other questions, how do I contact you?

 If you have any other queries, email us at