Women In Mining And Resources Singapore

Past Event2nd July, 2019 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Sparking A Positive Difference with Data Commercialisation

“Data is the New Oil “– A common theme in all industries as of late, but oil only gains its value when refined. The WIMAR community would like to present an exciting workshop by industry experts with insights on how to harness the power of data analytics by focusing on Value Creation.

Value creation as a way of thinking

encourages the use of simple and robust techniques to empower the individual to

make a difference in their organization by achieving their targets.

Please join us as we hear from Donald

MacDonald and Venkata Narayanan as they take us through the roadmap of

harnessing the untapped value in data.

Donald Macdonald - The Head of Group

Customer Analytics Decisioning from OCBC bank. With a strong focus on driving

business value, Donald will share the stories how data can be leveraged to

enhance target marketing.

Venkata Narayanan - The founder and CEO from BigTapp consultancy. With 30 years of hands-on experience in data analytics and application, Venkata will share how data-aspired organisations and individuals have transformed data insights into business value, by setting measurable goals.

Members ticket price is S$10 and non-members ticket price is S$50. 

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