Women In Mining And Resources Singapore


Career Reflections and Refresher Event July 2018

4th November, 2020

WIMAR SG Career Reflections and Refresher event held at Rio Tinto offices at MBFC in Singapore on Wednesday 11 July

This event was aimed at providing a fun way to share tips and tricks and each others experiences as a means to manage our careers and the ever changing working environment.  There are no silver bullets or extensive list of what you need to do; in general the effort you put into your career journey is what counts!

The format of the evening was 'speed dating' rotations among groups / topics hosted by a mining industry leader / topic expert.  

1. Communications and public speaking - know your topic and your audience - do your research; and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

2. Conflict Management - all comes down to honest communications, putting your ego aside and taking on the other persons perspective.  And remember not to be reckless -- rather wait till the morning to send that email reply than press send in the heat of the moment!!!

3. Talent and succession planning - whilst each company has their own programme in place there are things we can all do such as convey your propensity to want to learn, convey your ability to think differently and demonstrate soft skills.

4. Managing career progression - don't filter your opportunities / roles, let that be done by the hiring manager; own your own journey - no one will do this for you; assemble around yourself a 'board of directors' to help your navigate your journey; and create a 'nailed it' list or elevator pitch on what you are good at, your brand, what you bring to a team, etc

5. Agile working - there are lots of ways to apply the theory of this new way of working; worthwhile trying it on an upcoming project.

Ended the evening with an introduction to the upcoming WIMAR SG Mentoring programme and networking around dinner snacks!!!

Fun way to learn something new amongst new and old friends in the industry!!!