Women In Mining And Resources Singapore

Past Event25th April, 2020 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Playing by the Unwritten Rules By Dr Indigo Triplett

“Do or Do Not- There is no try!”

Playing off the famous phrase, Dr Indigo, famous Author and CEO of 4D Performance conducted a Strategy workshop for Career sustainability and development on the 25th of April 2019, to assist the individual to move from the middle to the top by learning how to play by the unwritten rules. The workshop is specifically modelled for women to succeed by understanding the cultural dynamics of their various organizations.

She left the audience with strategic insights and tools to examine their careers and better position themselves and their expectations within their organizations, whilst cultivating a holistic view of work-life balance by encouraging self-motivation and community leadership. The paradigm shift from “Job Defence to Career Offense” was the theme of the day.

The premise of her book stems from the disheartening truth that many qualified women in numerous organizations, who despite their diligence and hard work, have failed to attain the promotions and career trajectory that they desire because they have been disarmed over many generations on how to navigate and play by these Unwritten Rules.

“The Game: is the culture or spirit of the company that is working to win with or without you.”

Leveraging on candour and engaging with the audience she drew out key easy to do and use tactics which enable one to become a better team player. To move from the Middle to the Top.

Self-knowledge, understanding and most importantly self- acceptance and self-management are pivotal in navigating the unwritten rules. Knowing oneself and what distinguishes us from the rest, whilst simultaneously leveraging on our strengths is a key component in identifying the best path to fit into or influence the culture of the organisation.

Cultivating resilience - the ability to bounce-back after a setback. The game mirroring sports requires approaching each failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. Release of negative self-talk and its debilitating nature that keeps one moving from the Middle to the Top.

She further passionately described the amount of power in having a positive accountability partner, who encourages one to share their positive success stories, which naturally acts to reinforce resilience.

Once one of us succeeds, it is their duty to teach, reach out and straighten their sister’s crown. Dr Indigo iterated the importance of women advocating for and supporting each other.

Learn to toot your own horn. Become your own best friend. Share your story, the world deserves to hear it!!”

Self-advocacy is one key component women lack. Learn to see yourself as someone who can accomplish anything. The task may seem daunting but put your hand up and volunteer for the task. We only ever become, evolve and grow when we constantly challenge ourselves.

Finally, remember to BREATHE – an exercise she practised with the audience – three deep breaths and consequential relaxation encourages clarity and presence, enabling us to navigate and play by the Unwritten Rules.