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WIMAR SG 2022 Amplifier Program

2022 Amplifier Program

We were delighted to be partnering with MetaMind again on 25 Aug and 2 Sept where they delivered two bespoke programs focused around Executive Presence for senior and aspiring leaders.

Executive Presence is a combination of what people see, hear, and understand through the confidence and clarity we project. It is both verbal and non-verbal. At WIMAR SG Amplifier 2022, our cohorts learned about posture, gesture, and facial expression to project their Executive Presence. On verbal, they learn the strategies for strengthening the language they project and gaining the competence and confidence to speak up and powerfully contribute their voice and views at workplace presentation or speaking at conferences. Ultimately, this will increase diversity and richness of conversations across all platforms.

Feedback & Key Takeaways from Amplifier 2022 Graduates

“ Left me wanting more! A media training workshop would also be really useful. I would sign up for these!“

" Good agenda, short and clarity. Good takeaway"

“ Very well organised event! Great to be back in physical workshops again and meeting new people.” 

" Clarity and Leadership Principal brings Executive Presence"

" Definitely raised awareness of how I ought to carry myself in an executive context along with the recommended steps to improve actions, speech, image."

" Frame your thought and stop the “um” "

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