Women In Mining And Resources Singapore

WIMAR SG 2021 Amplifier Program

Amplifier Program 2021, a new program from WIMAR SG to help leaders both learn and hone the skills needed to amplify their voices and careers.

For this groundbreaking new program, we are partnering with MetaMind, a fantastic local training consultancy. MetaMind have designed a bespoke program just for our needs. Split into three modules, the five week course will focus on building Executive Presence, Speaking on Panels and Managing the Media. MetaMind’s Amplifier Program for WIMAR will boost your confidence and prepare you to inspire and impact the world around you, whether at your company’s meetings, on conference panels or as spokespersons in the media.

Throughout this program, as high potential and senior executives, you will develop your executive presence including working on inner clarity, substance and character and will learn techniques to elevate your speaking skills, including confident body language and speech to connect with and inspire your audience. You will gain the competence and confidence to speak up and powerfully represent your organisation in media panels so to contribute thoughtfully to conversations. Ultimately, this will increase diversity and richness of conversations in all the media platforms.

WIMAR SG is sponsoring this program and covering 85% of the cost for each participant. An individual contribution of $200 is required per participant (paid upon confirmation your application is successful).  


Take that first step to getting your voice out there, across the Resources industry and beyond. 

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