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Reframing Ourselves: Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs through Cultural Intelligence

18th May, 2021

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On 7th May 2021, WIMAR SG in partnership with Common Purpose, organised an uplifting lunchtime virtual chat with our esteemed speakers: Adirupa Sengupta, Global Chief Executive, Common Purpose Charitable Trust, Chow Wan Thonh, Head of Global Banking, Singapore, Indonesia and ASEAN-South Asia Cluster Markets and Vandita Pant, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at BHP

From the chat, we were introduced to a powerful framework of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which provides the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures:

The speakers shared their personal journeys and experiences, with several powerful messages gleaned from the conversation:

·        Values are a strong hold in building our core

·        Being faced with bias helps shape our sense of self

·        Stepping up and having the courage to speak up and ask for what we want is part of going beyond our self limiting belief.

·        Taking feedback openly has helped me become a better leader and build my confidence

·        Sharing and making known the achievements of others is a way to help others overcome their limiting beliefs

·        We can learn from anyone – including younger generation

·        Acknowledging that there are differences and inviting everyone to give their views is what CQ means

·        As leaders we should enable people to leadership, cultural respect and understanding of each other. This requires self-awareness and reflection on one’s actions.

·        Bias - while sometimes assumptions enable us and makes us efficient, they also are great blockers

·        Leaders have to be purposeful about effecting change but should not be weighted down by those actions

·        One needs more than guts to develop a sense of others culture and context

·        Role models have played a great part in framing us. Many people can touch us and influence us in the way we see / frame ourselves – We cross many boundaries to develop our CQ

We would like to express our gratitude to the speakers for their time and valuable insights, and for everyone who took the time to attend the session!