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Carbon Markets and the Net-Zero Future, 27 Sept 2022

3rd October, 2022

It was a packed auditorium at SGX, on the 27 Sept, 2022. Many came to hear from our distinguished Carbon market expert panelists from across the natural resource industries, the government, the law, trading, banking, and technology sectors who shared their valuable experiences and aspirations towards a common Net-Zero Future.

Brought together by WIMAR SG in association with the Singapore Exchange and moderated by SmarterMarkets.

Overall takeaway:

The carbon markets have immense potential, especially considering how many touch points it has with other spectrums: corporate decarbonisation, government emission reduction targets, communities in the global south, growing market ecosystem, and global net-zero ambitions. With that also comes a high degree of complexity. The recent wave also becomes a momentum to ensure that growth is consistent and sustainable – with efforts to create unity through standardisation in the market while embracing diversity for a different project, across different countries involving different stakeholders may not always deserve a one-size-fits-all approach. A globally concerted effort to improve market quality and integrity is called for: involving different sectors, resources, technology, and policymakers to unite and continuously innovate without being afraid to make mistakes to ensure that the global carbon market is a crucial component contributing to the Paris-aligned goals.

L: Tariq Salaria, Board Member WIMAR Innovation and VP Sales & Marketing Metals BHP

R: Amreeta Eng, Executive Director, Trade, Enterprise Singapore  

#1 Panel Discussion: Voluntary Carbon Markets on the Road to Net Zero

  • Markets (and products) are currently quite fragmented 
  • Commodity Transactions are becoming more sophisticated. 
  • Engaging the carbon market is a process.
  • A common challenge across the sector, is having sufficient human capital to support the market growth pace.

#2 Panel Discussion: Using Law, Finance, and Technology to Scale Voluntary Carbon Markets

  • The issues and challenges currently faced in the market are by no means new – they are the same issues and challenges the world faced during Carbon 1.0
  • The constant daily challenge is to filter out the noise and focus on substantial issues.
  • The lack of clear policy and regulation hinders market participation.
  • Continuous innovation is necessary, and we should not be afraid to make mistakes – many skills are transferable.

Post Event Networking

After the event our guests and speakers were invited to The Exchange at Asia Square for our networking drinks. Helping to bridge new relationships and collaboration amongst carbon market practitioners working towards a Net-Zero future!